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Please note: we aim to keep this information up to date, but it is not always possible to insure that the information here is 100% accurate. This is the status as of 8/10/2014. You should only access content that you have the right to do so, i.e. holding an Irish TV licence.


Now using a Smart TV, you can access many of these channels directly via your television. Previously it was only possible to watch these shows on a computer, or on your TV if you used a video cable, but now many of the modern TVs it’s as easy as switching a channel.

You will need to edit the DNS settings on your router or on your TV to use the SmartDNS service. This is generally an advanced setting on your admin panel, but it’s as easy as changing two sets of 12 numbers and then your internet traffic is ready to be sent via some Irish servers.

Using we were able to test & access the following services:

RTE (live & archived shows)


TV3 (live & archived shows)


TG4 (live & archived shows)



  • notes : you have to register & subscribe to aerTV for €6/month.
  • link :

It’s worth mentioning that for archived content, it’s generally available for 30 days after the date of broadcast.

Untested services

We currently don’t have access to test these services with SmartDNS, please let us know in the comments if either of these work for you.

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