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Researching on the web web we found it tough to get a complete list of channels that are available on the Apple TV. It’s here, but it’s pretty well hidden on the website.  If you are considering purchasing an AppleTv for Christmas or another occasion, a channel list seems to be an obvious feature that you’d like to be able to access. We’ve summarised the channels in bullet point below.


Irish Apple TV Channel List – updated October 2016

  1. ABC News
  2. Bloomberg
  3. CBS Sports
  4. Crunchyroll
  5. Dailymotion
  6. Flickr
  7. KORTV
  8. MLB*
  9. Netflix*
  10. NFL Now*,
  11. NHL*
  12. Qello*
  13. Tastemade*
  14. TED
  15. UFC*
  16. Vimeo
  17. Wall Street Journal
  18. WWE*
  19. YouTube

Note some stations like YouTube require a generation 3 or 4 to view the channel.

One of main benefits of having an Apple TV is the mirroring your MacBook, iPad or iPhone with the TV is really straight forward. Just make sure you are on the same WiFi connection and select mirroring from the taskbar.  This allows you to easily display your photos, show off an app or play music on your TV. Apple is known for making things as simple as possible for users, mirroring your display sounds complicated, but it’s really easy to do.

With the latest Apple TV you can also download apps, to play games on your TV. The latest ones (released in October 2015) also have storage, either 32GB or 64GB.

* Subscription required for some premium content

US Apple TV Channel List – updated October 2016

  1. 120 Sports
  2. A&E
  3. ABC News
  4. ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference)
  5. AOL
  6. Bloomberg
  7. Campus Insiders
  8. CBS All Access*
  9. CBS Sports
  10. CBS News
  11. CNBC*
  12. CNN*
  13. Crackle
  14. Crunchyroll
  15. Dailymotion
  16. Disney Channel*
  17. Disney Jr*
  18. Disney XD*
  19. ESPN*
  20. Feeln*
  21. Flickr
  22. Fox Now*
  23. Freeform*
  24. HBO Go*
  25. HBO NOW*
  26. History*
  27. Hulu Plus*
  28. KORTV*
  29. Lifetime*
  30. MLB*
  31. MLS*
  32. National Geographic*
  33. NBA*
  34. NBC*
  35. NBC Sports*
  36. Netflix*
  37. NFL Now*
  38. NHL*
  39. PBS
  40. PBS Kids
  41. Qello*
  42. Red Bull TV
  43. The Scene
  44. Showtime*
  45. Showtime Anytime*
  46. Sky News
  47. Smithsonian
  48. SVT
  49. Tastemade
  50. TED
  51. Tennis Channel
  52. UFC*
  53. USA
  54. Vevo
  55. Vimeo
  56. Wall Street Journal
  57. Watch ABC*
  58. The Weather Channel
  59. Willow
  60. WWE*
  61. Young Hollywood
  62. YouTube


For access to the US list, you will most likely need to have:

  • a US iTunes account (that’s pretty easy, article on how to do this coming soon)
  • a US IP address (that’s what we are here for).
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