RTÉ Player now live in the AppStore

As we mentioned before about the impending release of the RTÉ Player for iPad, we thought we would give an update to let you know it’s now live in the iTunes AppStore. It’s free to download, and will work with both your iPad and your iPhone. The selection seems to be the same as what’s on the RTE Player website version, and includes a lot of the current programming. For international customers you will be able to see their own in house broadcasting like the LateLate show and the news. All of the available programs are available for viewing up to three weeks after initial broadcast (news broadcasts are generally available for 1 week).

A further aspect to the app, like the web version, is that you can view the live programming. RTE One, RTE Two & RTE News Now can be watched from the comfort of your iPad. There is a slight delay from what’s shown on TV and what you’ll see on the iPad / iPhone, but it’s not significant, maybe there is 1 second gap between them.

Preview of the RTE Player App

RTE Player on the iPhone
RTE Player on the iPad

We tried out the app, on both devices, and we think that the iPad is a great way to watch RTE. Looking at programs on your phone can be a bit of a strain, plus it will also run down your batter pretty quickly.

While they do recommend that you view the programs on a WiFi connection, you can disable the setting so that you can watch it over 3G. RTE will send you the best quality based on your connection, so if you don’t have fast WiFi or your data plan is slow, you may experience a rather grainy, compressed video image.

RTE Player

You can download the application for free from the iTunes AppStore here.

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