France vs. Ireland on ice

Betfair (the online betting portal) has put together a rather funny video about the France vs. Ireland rugby game that never was. They’ve staged a re-inaction of the game, but played out on an actual ice rink. It’s all quite interesting to watch, perhaps it will new sport in the future. Tackling is a little bit dangerous, especially when ice skates are involved. Scrums on ice were quite interesting, as griping on the ice is a bit of a challenge. And then there is lineouts !

Watch France vs. Ireland

We won’t spoil it for you by telling you the score, but needless to say it’s a close one.

The actual France/Ireland game is scheduled for March 4th at 3pm GMT. It will be shown on BBC as well as RTÉ2.

One other viral website we came across this week, which is totally unrellated, but nonetheless worth checking see

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