Apple TV adds Apple Events

There’s a new channel on your AppleTV, namely Apple Events. Now you will be able to see Apple’s live events directly from the AppleTV and not just through their website (which required a OSX device and Safari previously). The event starts around 6pm Irish time, but in the meantime you can view archives of previous Apple Event, like this summer’s iOS 8 Keynote.

Apple Events Channel

Today’s announcement has been fraught with rumours, and one of the more surprising ones is that no new Macbook Air is expected. Updates are expected to the iPad Air, a Retina iPad mini and a 27″ iMac also with Retina display. Almost all the Apple products have a Retina display, so we expect that they might just remove the word Retina in future.

Viewing Apple Events live

Selecting the new icon currently gives you this view, with a countdown to today’s Apple Announcement.

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