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Here’s a new service that came across our desk today, a proxy service for phone numbers, NumberProxy allows you to get a temporary phone number to make and receive phone calls, to send and receive SMS’s with this new number. You can also send incoming calls directly do a voice mailbox which you can access at a later stage.

Number proxy is good for hiding your idenity from people, but of course it’s not to be used for illegal activities. In their FAQ they say :

We do keep backups of our data for 24 hours and should these records be subpoenaed, we will cooperate with law enforcement. Remember these records are all tied to your primary phone number. NumberProxy is great if you are trying to protect your phone number from other people. If you are trying to protect your phone number or conversations from the police or equivalent, it’s probably best to seek another solution.


NumberProxy use cases

This service can be handy for giving your phone number our for time limited things, like selling your house, classified ads or seeking a new job. There is nothing worse having recruiters calling you day and night when you are no longer looking for a job. Once you are done with the number you can cancel your contract and all calls will be rejected and saved messages will be deleted. NumberProxy accepts PayPal or BitCoins so your transaction is that little bit more anonymous. They have various plans, based on a credit system. So the more you use it the more expensive it costs.

Numberproxy is a product by, a US based VOIP business.

Similar services

Another similar service for virtual numbers is, who even have some free services for getting virtual phone numbers. We haven’t used either service ourselves, if you have a review that you would like to add, please attach in a comment to this post.

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