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Phone number proxy

NumberProxy is a proxy service for your phone. You can get a temporary phone numbers to keep your identity a secret and your phone number secure. Once you are done with the number, you can cancel the service, and the number will cease to exist.

Using a VPN with your iPhone

Guide to enabling a secure VPN connection on your iPhone. 4 simple steps to surf the web anonymously and securely. For this you will need an iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch) and a subscription to a VPN service provider.

How to watch RTÉ online

It’s not possible to watch the full contents of RTÉ’s programming while outside Ireland. Despite paying your license fee there is no way to get your fill of Gaelic football or hurling while not in Ireland. One way you can get around this is to pay between €5-€10 for a Irish proxy. This fee will cover you for a month and will allow you to watch the shows while away. It sends your internet traffic via Ireland and will enable you to access content that is restricted to being in Ireland. See our article about how to watch RTÉ while abroad.