Here is a quick review of, it’s another VPN company that we’ve added to our list of VPN providers. IdentityCloaker is quick to setup and you can be surfing anonymously in a matter of minutes. If you are not sure if the service will work with your computer you can always take advantage of their free trial which works for a selection of websites (more details below). They have over 100’s servers in 17 countries, including Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain.


Installing IdentityCloaker

Once you sign up, you will select what device you want to use the VPN. There are versions for Windows, Apple OS X, iOS & Android.

select-vpn-version In the case of Apple OS X the program you download will then proceed to download some further files.

Once you’ve done this you need to follow the installation instructions. It’s all pretty straight forward, the VPN software will install itself and you can launch it directly after installation. Now you need to login


Your username & password are the details you received by email when you signed up for the service.

Once you are logged in you will now be able to pick the sever you want to direct your traffic through and click connect. We are most interested in their Irish severs, which they current have over 20 available. One handy feature is that you can set your IP address to change every 1, 2, 5, 10+ minutes.

ip-addresses & RTÉ

We were able to view RTÉ Player while connected to the servers that start with the IP address If you are travelling from Ireland and want to still watch your shows while away this might be an option for you.

Of course these systems change over time, so sadly there is no guarantee that it will always work.

Using for Bit-Torrent Traffic

According to their Terms of Service it states that you can only use bit-torrent on certain servers.

Use of Bit-Torrent and other Peer-To-Peer content sharing networks: Use of Service for Bit-Torrent and other P2P content sharing networks is forbidden through all proxy / VPN servers located in the United States Of America, United Kingdom and France, and is allowed through proxy / VPN servers located in other countries only if in compliance with the conditions mentioned in the previous paragraph (“Data Transfer of copyrighted material”).

Some of countries that are more bit-torrent traffic friendly include Switzerland, Spain & The Netherlands, and IdentityCloaker has severs all these locations.

Switzerland is probably the safest country for downloading torrents, due to the fact that according to Swiss Law (as of February 2015), downloading music & movies for personal use seems to be completely legal. In Spain there are a number of cases that deem it legal where it’s for personal use and there is no intent to profit. In the Netherlands personal downloading is allowed, but uploading is illegal.

Also not that your account is limited to 30GB per month, but that should really be more than enough even for streaming TV 10 hours a day every day of the month. Prices

Current prices are outlined below. We particularly like the fact that they offer a shorter trial account, that gives you full access for 10 days, but it’s still reasonably priced.

  • 10-day TRIAL access (€4.97)
  • 30-day subscription (€12.97)
  • 3-month subscription (€29.97)
  • 6-month subscription (€49.97)
  • 12-month subscription (€79.97)

Yearly plans will cost you just €6.67 / month which is great value. Also IdentityCloaker won’t automatically re-bill you once your subscription ends. We also like the fact that IdentityCloaker is a European company based in Prague, Czech Republic and offers prices in Euros. For business users if you supply your EU VAT ID you can also claim the VAT for your VPN subscription.

Sign up for IdentityCloaker now.

VPN free trial

IdentityCloaker offers a free trial on certain domains,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This can be a good way to find out if the service is for you. Details of the free VPN demo can be seen here.

Signup for

You can find out more about this VPN service at

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