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Adios Hola

Know the dangers using

In the recent weeks there has been some announcements of how the browser plugin (Hola) could be used for nefarious actions. Hola …

identitycloaker-com review

Review of, a VPN service based out of Prague, Czech Republic. IdentityCloaker has servers in 17 countries and even offer a limited free trial of their VPN services.


Secure your internet in 2015

A look at some VPN offers for 2015. By paying per year you can save big with our VPN offers. Prices range from just $32 for a basic service for a year, or $100 for all the bells and whistles service. Find out what option is right for your wallet & needs !


More ways to watch content online

Here are some new ways to watch content online. These two services Popcorn Time & Zenmate are free and unlock access to you to watch movies & TV online. Note : Depending on where you are in the world, it may not be legal to use these services in your country.


Setting up SmartDNS with Overplay

Read our quick and easy guide on how you can set up SmartDNS from OverPlay on your devices quickly and easily. It shouldn’t take longer than 3 minutes to get up and going, it’s that easy !

Satellite Astra 1N replaced

The day has finally come where Astra 2F and Astra 2E satellites have come into operation, which means that Astra 1N is …


Safeplug – protect your traffic

A look at SafePlug, a way to automatically send your internet traffic via the TOR network. Encrypt and reroute your traffic as you surf the internet. This little box sits beside your router.


VPN comparison 11/8/2013

A comparison of 3 similar VPN services. See how stable each VPN service is or isn’t. We tested , and and all three providers has similar enough results.