Monthly Archives: March 2012

The worst part of RTÉ Player

We watch a lot of TV, and there is one aspect that is missing on the RTE Player, it’s ( the ads. It’s not so much the lack of ads, rather it’s how your TV watching experience is interrupted. I’m … Read full

Ultimate VPN list

We’ve put a comprehensive list of all the VPN providers out there we could find. We’ve currently listed of over 100 providers of VPN services, if we’ve missed a company please do let us know. While it’s not possible to … Read full

England vs Ireland on TV

Today is the final day of the 2012 rugby 6 nations, and there will be three games on TV today. First off is Italy vs. Scotland at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Here Scotland will be desperately trying to avoid … Read full

Using a VPN while abroad

When you are traveling abroad this summer you should keep in mind that you should secure your internet connection. While on holiday or on a work trip it’s nice to be able to check your emails, and check weather, flights, … Read full

Ireland vs Scotland on TV

Today Ireland play Scotland at the Aviva Stadium on Landstowne Rd in Dublin. This is their 4th game of the 2012 Rugby 6 nations. After Ireland’s draw last week against the French, Ireland will be trying their best to show … Read full

France vs. Ireland on ice

Betfair (the online betting portal) has put together a rather funny video about the France vs. Ireland rugby game that never was. They’ve staged a re-inaction of the game, but played out on an actual ice rink. It’s all quite … Read full